Friday, 12 October 2012

The rain dilemma: Scarf/Hood DIY

In whole Germany Hamburg is known for its bad weather. You could think this is just a rumor, thats at least what I wanted to believe before moving. With living in Hamburg right now I can see: The weather is bad as said. So leaving without an umbrella is nearly suicidal. And here starts the whole handbag dilemma. Girls do not want to leave the house with a huge handbag for every occasion. A clutch or just a smaller saddle bag do look nice with many outfits. Unfortunately they do no fit an umbrella. So except when all your jackets have a hood, you are torn between getting wet or switching bags (btw: I learnt: Even when its looking nice, the next bigger rain is just waiting for you to be out and about).
I wanted to find a solution, and I can proudly say: I found one (besides wearing hats everywhere). Remember those scarf/beanie/hood things poor children had to wear (including me), that were able to keep head and neck warm...?

What we need:

jersey/thin fabric with stretch, I used an old XXL T-shirt so I was able to save a seam (and money)
sewing stuff

optional: a good fitting loop scarf/snood and a hood/hat for measurements

1. Fold your fabric once, so you can save the front seam of your loop / Lay down your t-shirt. Use your loop scarf and your hat/hood to evaluate the rough outlines of your hood + scarf. Since jersey is pretty thin you want to make your scarf as broad as possible to add some volume. Trace around your pattern.
2. After cutting out you start sewing, the amount of seams depends on your basis. T-shirt user need only one seam to close the hood, for all the others: Sew along the hood and the neckline and in case you did not use your fold wisely also in the front of the scarf.

I believe autumn with all its surprising rain can come (as long it isn't already here -.-). So all the times you cannot simply stay at home and drink hot apple juice: Throw on your scarf/hood/something and you are save for at least some drops.

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