Friday, 19 October 2012

VISIT: Alexander McQueen Exhibition in Hamburg

I believe most of you already read, that I moved for starting uni. Before even applying for uni I was actually looking forward to go to one specific museum. Knowing that I probably will never go to any big catwalk show and sadly it isn't even possible in McQueen's case, I wanted to visit the "Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe" (museum of art and industrial art (I am not too sure about the translation of the latter)). Luckily they prolonged the time for the exhibition and so I was able to see it a week ago: An exhibition dedicated to Alexander McQueen's fashion.

And for all of you still thinking whether to go or not when they stop by Hamburg and/or just for inspiration I collected some impressions while being there.

The museum actually bought these three pieces from McQueens Angels& Demons collection, they are the center pieces and presented right in the center of the room. And they are beautiful, I wish I could have the dress in the middle. Dreams.
Aside of that they presented several other creations of McQueen in combination with other designer garments as Vivienne Westwood to show where his inspiration maybe came from.

 I was especially fascinated by the following two pieces, because they reminded me of the whole upcycling trend, because their surfaces where inspired by actual everyday objects. And two years ago I actually rocked a bubble foil skirt during carnival in Cologne...

On the two big walls in the back of the room the museum decided to project clips from his fashion shows via a beamer, so the visitor did not only see more than the presented pieces but could also imagine himself at one of the catwalk shows thanks to the size of the images...
These are all the images I collected and which are at least a bit sharper, unfortunately I wasn't allowed to use any flash during my visit. This wouldn't be a problem, when the room was any better. I seriously did not like the location of the whole exhibition, it looked more like a tiny basement room than a place where you present designer robes. As you can see on some of pictures there was a curtain hanging at one wall, looking not neat enough to be actually appealing to the eye...
Nonetheless I believe the exhibition is still worth a visit, because how often will you see original McQueen pieces that close...?
And I learnt that not every room of the museum was that depressing. By purchasing a ticket (adult 8 Euro, students 5 Euro) you can visit all the other exhibitions and from next week the redoing of the design department will be reopened, so I will definitely go back there. And maybe, I will again stand in front of the angel dress and wish that I could own it...

Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe
20099 Hamburg
S/U: Hauptbahnhof


  1. Sieht interessant aus, aber ich wohne zu weit weg ;)
    Liebe Grüße