Friday, 30 November 2012

Gift Guide I: Chai Syrup

I can't believe that being excited about Christmas is actually accepted from now on. At least after tomorrow with it being December 1st. It seems like I looked forward for it for the longest time, getting weird looks and everything. I have to admit: I already decorated this Monday, but the argument: It's the start of December this week did convince my roommate. Kinda.
So during the advent days I want to share with you some DIY ideas, so you can make little somethings to hand them to your friends and family.
Today we start off with an classic, a something I make since I discovered my love for (overly sweet) coffee and the fact that Starbucks does not use anything else but syrup. So why not give your coffeelovers a nice little syrup, wether it is following the big "trend" Chai spices or you make a nice cinnamon or chocolate one.
Oh, and you should always make a bottle more... for you. Because you are going to be addicted.

What we need:
250 g sugar
350 ml water

2 bags of Chai tea / another spicy black tea
2 cm ginger
spices: e.g anis, cinnamon, cardamon, vanilla...

empty bottles
nice hangers
1. Cook yourself some strong tea by letting your tea bags hang in there for at least 15 minutes
2. Cut your ginger into small pieces, the smaller the more flavor you are going to get.

3. Bring your sugar and the tea to a boil.
4. Add in your spices.
5. Let everything simmer for about 15 minutes or until you the liquid starts to thicken. Don't overcook since it gets "harder" after cooling down.
6. Pour your mixture through a sieve...
7. so all the bigger pieces won't choke your friends. Fill everything in (sterilized) bottles and label it nicely.

Your nicely labeled syrup should be good for 3 months, since the sugar acts as an preservative.

And now excuse me, I have to light candles, eat christmas cookies and drink my Chai Latte. Screw you male roommate!

Friday, 23 November 2012

DIY: Lala Berlin inspired leggings with Keffiyeh print

I don't know about you, but I love splurging on fashion magazines (and I probably mentioned this already). Especially during autumn I love reading them, because I am 100 % a sucker for the fashion of this season. So while flipping the pages recently I often encountered a pair of skinny pants from the German designer Lala Berlin that was featured in nearly every magazine. And I thought: Doing a DIY should be pretty easy. Because let's admit it: I had a emo-ish phase in my life and loved exactly the scarf that inspired Lala Berlin...
You couldn't guess it yet? I am talking of Lala Berlin's Wilson Trousers and my old love for Palestinian Keffiyeh (Germans say "Pali" shortly... was really surprised by the translation)...

The making of this one was quite easy, even though my Keffiyeh was made out of an pretty flimsy material, that did not want to stay in shape. And since sewing yourself a pair of skinny pants without a stretchy material is quite hard, so I decided to go for a jersey panel on the bag and the Keffiyeh on the front. By this I avoided overdramatic look by toning it down with in my case black, and, even better: I was able to use my beloved free download leggins pattern from CUT magazine.

What we need:

Keffiyeh scarf
black jersey, I used an old black tee I got at a gaming convention once
your pattern, but one to two sizes bigger than you would usually choose... or you add about 2 cm to the pattern while transferring it to your fabric

sewing stuff

optional: rubber band for the waistband
1. Cut your leggings pattern into halves by cutting all along the leg.
2. Try to iron your scarf as good as possible.

3. Decide which parts of the scarf pattern are to be chosen for the leggings. Watch out for the stripes, because it can easily look silly when you cut it wrong.
Depending on your leg length you can just fit your pattern on the scarf (I already shortened my pattern, because I'm tiny) or you have to "puzzle".
4. There you can see my added fabric. Even though the pattern does include seam allowance I decided (luckily) to add some extra cm, because the scarf isn't stretchable and therefore the jersey would have to do a lot of work...

5. The last thing that is different to your usual leggings sewing is that the Keffiyeh scarf is quite likely to fray, so you want to use an overlock machine (dreaming much) or your zigzag-stich to prevent it from it.
6. And than you simply sew it all together... no big deal there once you use the pattern...

And these they are, probably not the ideal pair for wintertime, but with a pair of tights or knee highs they work just fine. Plus: you shouldn't complain: The lala Berlin ones cost about 280 Euro

Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Wait, what? Is this girl crazy? Didn't she move just a month ago?
You are right, I am still sitting in my small, but lovely flat in Hamburg, but yeah: Time to look up. Remember the days you had to type ".blogspot." while writing the adress to this blog? (Or did you all come via facebook and google? Damn.) Nevertheless: When I had the chance to get a sponsored domain, I did not say no and thanks to the move was actually succesfully made. From now on you can find me at "" or even shorter "
And don't worry, you can still find me by at "", they direct all visitors to my new domain automatically.

For all of you (German) bloggers, still offers domain sponsoring, so simply head over to their page (unfortunately I am in no way paid to say this ;) ) and apply. Even though it probably needs more time than 10 days (as they write on the site), it's still worth the waiting.

And just for celebration a little collage and I'm gone again (And yes, I sprinkled wax on my beloved "mirari" sign :(  )

Friday, 16 November 2012

COOK: Comfort food aka Ginger Potato Coconut Soup

I've to say: Even I think this weeks post is a bit lame. But right now my life is pretty much sucked in by university. The few times I do not spend my days there, I do sport (a bit), eat or sleep. Sewing or doing anything creative is not really on my schedule. So I simply took my camera with me when I made myself some nice comfort food.
Autumn feels like winter already, so eating hot food with a lot of healthy stuff like ginger is one of my favorite things to do. Especially when the sky is grey and the city covers itself in mist. So even my wish of staying inside all day is destroyed by my education, I at least love having a nice soup. At least my brain suggested so, because I rarely to never made soup up to now.
And for that I really loved my kind of Asian result...

What we need (for 1 person):
150 ml coconut milk
50 ml cream
2 potatoes
a good piece ginger
vegetable stock (+ 500 ml water)
curry + spices

1. Dice your potatoes and ginger and put them into the boiling water (about 500 ml) and your vegetable stock.
Let it cook for about 10 - 15 minutes (depends on your dice size).
2. When your potato dices are good, add in cream, milk and spices, especially the curry.
Let it cook for another few minutes, so the liquid reduces down.

Serve your soup with roasted bread and hopefully we all will survive the cold, without being miserably sick. I feel my cold already coming -.-

Friday, 9 November 2012

Deco DIY: Urban Outfitter's LP clock

Again, I am telling you no news by writing that decorating a new flat is quite fun. So today's post is dedicated to this activity. One advantage of Hamburg is (at least for a German fashion addict) the existence of an Urban Outfitters, a store quite rarely found in Germany. At least up to nowadays.
But even though I was pretty excited about this fact I had to realize that buying anything in there is worth the food of a week or longer. So shopping does not sound too apealing, nevertheless I can be spotted in that store quite often. Sole to the fact, that looking through their clothes and especially through the home decor is really inspiring.
Last time I spotted a nice object screaming "DIY" the moment I read the horrendous price of 46 €. Let's just mention that I activiely spend about 8€...

What we need:
an old single or Long-Play record -LP- (look at local markets or in little antique stores, they often have quite a lot for a few cents)
carpet knife
clockwork (craft supply store!) + clock hands
optional: silver color
leftover fabric or a professional hanger...

Funny sidenote: I was able to get an old LP with the title "Wandel der Zeit", meaning "Time Change", I thought it was quite fitting for making a clock.

 1. Since the clockwork has to fit through the hole in your LP you want to widen it with your cutter (sounds wrong I know). Simply cut away tiny pieces of plastic.
 2. My clock hands were black and I thought, it wouldn't look too good on a black background so I used spray paint to turn them silver.
3. Now you can put your clockwork together, due to the fact I am no pro at that you probably want to follow the instructions on the packaging, especially since I believe every clockwork is probably different.
4. You can obviously use a bought hanger and simply glue it to your LP, but I "sewed" myself one out of leftover fabrics.
5. Glue it and hammer a nail into the wall...

As you see: No need to visit Urban Outfitters to get yourself a new and nice clock... so save some money and look for a nice looking LP, especially since it will look much more authentic than the ones in Urban... :)

Friday, 2 November 2012

October Favorites and some notebook porn.

October went by pretty fast, I did not have the chance to actually settle in when there was November 1st... Still I collected quite an amount of things that I used on a regular basis and loved this months, whether I took/wore them to/at uni or had them as support while studying for it...

1. Grey Wedge Boots, kmb, Sale: 10 € Starting of with my buy of the month, got these real leather boots for just 10 € at the "Kauf dich glücklich" Outlet here in Hamburg... and couldn't believe myself. They are super comfy and just my absolute favorites right now.
2. Grey corduroy, 1,50€/m This nice piece of fabric is a substutute for a local market I just discovered, every Saturday is a market at "Lange Bergstraße" and even though most of the stalls ain't too exciting the two fabric stalls had quite good deals.
3. Mattfull candle, Ikea, 1 € I am normally not a huge fan of scented candles but this one smells just like body lotion and I loved it. I actually had to keep myself from burning it down before taking the picture.
4. Diary, bought 2nd hand, 50 ct October was quite an exciting month. I moved out and started uni and therefore I had quite a lot to handle with. I never hat a diary before, but I am pretty surprised how good it worked out for this month.
5. Revlon Grape Lipstick Even though you can spot me wearing a dark lip all year around autumn is certainly the time when I do it the most. My absolute favorite coming to lipsticks is certainly my Revlon one. I am not sure if it is still available, but maybe you can get your hands on recent products. I especially love this one due to the fact that normally a statement lip is quite risky when it comes to wearing it the whole day. But with this I made the experience that it does fade evenly and leaves your lips nicely stained.
6. Tea Carrying fresh water into my flat is certainly not my favorite occupation and as a result I mainly drank tea wether it was hot or cold, I even took my bottle with freshly brewed tea to uni.
7. Silver/gold Vintage earring, my Mums After finding quite a similar brooch my Mum found this one in her stuff. And after my new haircut I loved wearing it, because you could actually see it. We both, my Mum and me, do and did always wear just one statement earring, so no problem with just one existent one.
8. Green loop scarf, knitted by my Mum My Mum got the wool for this one from a former coworker and I loved the unusual color, so I asked her to knit me a scarf when she asked me. And with these really cold days in October it was pretty much a staple in my daily outfits.
9. Leather jacket, unknown brand (original label was removed and replaced by another, usual practice in China) from a tiny boutique in China, 25 € My beloved leather jacket made it finally into my favorites, another bargain piece by the way. Since it was warm enough in the middle of the month I got to wear it quite often... and still love this trusty piece.
10. Red cape, DIY The working process of this cape lasted from last year around this time until the late spring, because there were always adjustments to be made, but this autumn I am finally able to rock the streets with it, and I believe this color and shape will never by totally "out".

These were my favorites, up next are a few detail shots of different pieces and my beloved notebook collection. With getting back into uni I actually started using them all (f.t.t.b : Moleskine City, Blog schedules, 2 fashion inspiration books, 1 food inspiration book, my diary, my homework notebook, my Moleskine cookbook and an Ikea book for Arabic grammar).

Oh, and I went (again) to FleetMeet Fashion Blogger Cafe this month. It was really nice thanks to the organizers, the nice girls and the guys from, hosting the AfterShow Party.

That's from me this month. What were your favorites?