Friday, 9 November 2012

Deco DIY: Urban Outfitter's LP clock

Again, I am telling you no news by writing that decorating a new flat is quite fun. So today's post is dedicated to this activity. One advantage of Hamburg is (at least for a German fashion addict) the existence of an Urban Outfitters, a store quite rarely found in Germany. At least up to nowadays.
But even though I was pretty excited about this fact I had to realize that buying anything in there is worth the food of a week or longer. So shopping does not sound too apealing, nevertheless I can be spotted in that store quite often. Sole to the fact, that looking through their clothes and especially through the home decor is really inspiring.
Last time I spotted a nice object screaming "DIY" the moment I read the horrendous price of 46 €. Let's just mention that I activiely spend about 8€...

What we need:
an old single or Long-Play record -LP- (look at local markets or in little antique stores, they often have quite a lot for a few cents)
carpet knife
clockwork (craft supply store!) + clock hands
optional: silver color
leftover fabric or a professional hanger...

Funny sidenote: I was able to get an old LP with the title "Wandel der Zeit", meaning "Time Change", I thought it was quite fitting for making a clock.

 1. Since the clockwork has to fit through the hole in your LP you want to widen it with your cutter (sounds wrong I know). Simply cut away tiny pieces of plastic.
 2. My clock hands were black and I thought, it wouldn't look too good on a black background so I used spray paint to turn them silver.
3. Now you can put your clockwork together, due to the fact I am no pro at that you probably want to follow the instructions on the packaging, especially since I believe every clockwork is probably different.
4. You can obviously use a bought hanger and simply glue it to your LP, but I "sewed" myself one out of leftover fabrics.
5. Glue it and hammer a nail into the wall...

As you see: No need to visit Urban Outfitters to get yourself a new and nice clock... so save some money and look for a nice looking LP, especially since it will look much more authentic than the ones in Urban... :)

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