Friday, 23 November 2012

DIY: Lala Berlin inspired leggings with Keffiyeh print

I don't know about you, but I love splurging on fashion magazines (and I probably mentioned this already). Especially during autumn I love reading them, because I am 100 % a sucker for the fashion of this season. So while flipping the pages recently I often encountered a pair of skinny pants from the German designer Lala Berlin that was featured in nearly every magazine. And I thought: Doing a DIY should be pretty easy. Because let's admit it: I had a emo-ish phase in my life and loved exactly the scarf that inspired Lala Berlin...
You couldn't guess it yet? I am talking of Lala Berlin's Wilson Trousers and my old love for Palestinian Keffiyeh (Germans say "Pali" shortly... was really surprised by the translation)...

The making of this one was quite easy, even though my Keffiyeh was made out of an pretty flimsy material, that did not want to stay in shape. And since sewing yourself a pair of skinny pants without a stretchy material is quite hard, so I decided to go for a jersey panel on the bag and the Keffiyeh on the front. By this I avoided overdramatic look by toning it down with in my case black, and, even better: I was able to use my beloved free download leggins pattern from CUT magazine.

What we need:

Keffiyeh scarf
black jersey, I used an old black tee I got at a gaming convention once
your pattern, but one to two sizes bigger than you would usually choose... or you add about 2 cm to the pattern while transferring it to your fabric

sewing stuff

optional: rubber band for the waistband
1. Cut your leggings pattern into halves by cutting all along the leg.
2. Try to iron your scarf as good as possible.

3. Decide which parts of the scarf pattern are to be chosen for the leggings. Watch out for the stripes, because it can easily look silly when you cut it wrong.
Depending on your leg length you can just fit your pattern on the scarf (I already shortened my pattern, because I'm tiny) or you have to "puzzle".
4. There you can see my added fabric. Even though the pattern does include seam allowance I decided (luckily) to add some extra cm, because the scarf isn't stretchable and therefore the jersey would have to do a lot of work...

5. The last thing that is different to your usual leggings sewing is that the Keffiyeh scarf is quite likely to fray, so you want to use an overlock machine (dreaming much) or your zigzag-stich to prevent it from it.
6. And than you simply sew it all together... no big deal there once you use the pattern...

And these they are, probably not the ideal pair for wintertime, but with a pair of tights or knee highs they work just fine. Plus: you shouldn't complain: The lala Berlin ones cost about 280 Euro


  1. Voll die geile Idee, hinten mit Jersey, super!!! Und ich hoffe die Knie leiern nicht so aus, hi, hi ;) Sieht auf jeden Fall super aus! Mir gefallen die grungigen Looks von Lala mit den langen Röcken am besten, liebe auch die Paliklamöttchen. Kommst Du über Weihnachten nach hause, viellricht hast Du ja Lust mal bei mir vorbei zu kommen???
    Ich drück Dich, Kori

    1. Hallo du liebes Wesen,
      danke für dein Lob und Ja, ich hoffe auch :)
      Bin sogar Weihnachten tatsächlich in Köln und hey, warum sollte ich dich nicht wiedersehen wollen?