Friday, 30 November 2012

Gift Guide I: Chai Syrup

I can't believe that being excited about Christmas is actually accepted from now on. At least after tomorrow with it being December 1st. It seems like I looked forward for it for the longest time, getting weird looks and everything. I have to admit: I already decorated this Monday, but the argument: It's the start of December this week did convince my roommate. Kinda.
So during the advent days I want to share with you some DIY ideas, so you can make little somethings to hand them to your friends and family.
Today we start off with an classic, a something I make since I discovered my love for (overly sweet) coffee and the fact that Starbucks does not use anything else but syrup. So why not give your coffeelovers a nice little syrup, wether it is following the big "trend" Chai spices or you make a nice cinnamon or chocolate one.
Oh, and you should always make a bottle more... for you. Because you are going to be addicted.

What we need:
250 g sugar
350 ml water

2 bags of Chai tea / another spicy black tea
2 cm ginger
spices: e.g anis, cinnamon, cardamon, vanilla...

empty bottles
nice hangers
1. Cook yourself some strong tea by letting your tea bags hang in there for at least 15 minutes
2. Cut your ginger into small pieces, the smaller the more flavor you are going to get.

3. Bring your sugar and the tea to a boil.
4. Add in your spices.
5. Let everything simmer for about 15 minutes or until you the liquid starts to thicken. Don't overcook since it gets "harder" after cooling down.
6. Pour your mixture through a sieve...
7. so all the bigger pieces won't choke your friends. Fill everything in (sterilized) bottles and label it nicely.

Your nicely labeled syrup should be good for 3 months, since the sugar acts as an preservative.

And now excuse me, I have to light candles, eat christmas cookies and drink my Chai Latte. Screw you male roommate!

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  1. Great gift idea,i will try it.