Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Wait, what? Is this girl crazy? Didn't she move just a month ago?
You are right, I am still sitting in my small, but lovely flat in Hamburg, but yeah: Time to look up. Remember the days you had to type ".blogspot." while writing the adress to this blog? (Or did you all come via facebook and google? Damn.) Nevertheless: When I had the chance to get a sponsored domain, I did not say no and thanks to the move was actually succesfully made. From now on you can find me at "" or even shorter "
And don't worry, you can still find me by at "", they direct all visitors to my new domain automatically.

For all of you (German) bloggers, still offers domain sponsoring, so simply head over to their page (unfortunately I am in no way paid to say this ;) ) and apply. Even though it probably needs more time than 10 days (as they write on the site), it's still worth the waiting.

And just for celebration a little collage and I'm gone again (And yes, I sprinkled wax on my beloved "mirari" sign :(  )

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