Saturday, 29 December 2012

DIY inspiration: Feathery clutch

First of all: You should shout a "Esther you fail at regular posting" at me right now. Done? Well, then let's start.

I don't know how you will spend New Year's Eve, but maybe you are most likely to be spotted on one of the dance party things, dressed in some amazing cocktail dress having the party of 2012.
Well, I won't be at a party like that, but at a relaxed gathering with some good friends back in Cologne, but I believe many of the party goers are struggling to think about something appropriate to wear right now. At least that's what the overload of glittery dresses in the stores are wanting me to believe.
So when you are still looking for the perfect clutch/ handbag for your last (party) night of 2012 (and yes, I know it's kinda late, but hey, shops are open on December 31st), why not remembering Michelle's really easy AA inspired clutch tutorial?

"Great Esther" you may think "and that is your entire blogpost?"... oh well. Even though I have to admit I am struggling right now with new ideas and especially the realization of them: No, I try my best to not let you down. So how about a AA inspired clutch covered in feathers? :)

What we need:

Feathers (better you got too many than not enough since they are something natural and therefore not all perfect)

fabric (size depends on your wished clutch size and / or your amount of feathers)

a zipper

maybe some fabric ribbon for the upper part, to cover the top row's quills

sewing stuff

1. Look through your pile of feather and decide on the ones you want to use.
2. You should be looking for straight one with not that much fluff and nice pattern...
3. By comparing your zipper length and your chosen feather decide on the approximate size of your clutch.

4. Start pinning your feather to your fabric by starting off with the bottom row...
5. and sew it on!

6. Now your first row of feather should be fixed to your fabric.
7. You might want to clip off some rebellious quills, because they are likely to poke through your feather layer.

8. By adding row per row you should get something like a scale pattern or something similar to the feathering of a bird... surprise there.
9. And then you go on by pretty much finishing off your clutch as Michelle tells you in the tutorial...  I added pockets to the inside, because my bag is pretty tiny and I do not want to stuff it with my purse but put my cards into these pockets...

And yes, I am aware that my "finessed" clutch looks just a bit out of shape... it's because I did not finish it yet since I want to add a chain to it, that I did not bring back to my parents house... and I don't really like my mum's sewing machine, and, and and...
Yeah, you might want to do another shouting-at-esther-session, this time by saying "FAIL!"

PS: I wish you all a "Happy new year", hope 2013 starts awesome and you will all rock your individual New Year's Eve partys :)))

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