Monday, 17 December 2012

Gift guide III: Hot chocolate... on a stick

I actually feel really bad right now. Just look at the date of the last post and you will realize that I am kinda late. Uni is not kindergarten and with christmas upcoming it is not only a bit stressful. Sadly enough I spend my free time learning vocab or grammar, but not preparing blog post. And when I wanted to do it, the recipe turned out to be pretty bad, so the result was not postable. In addition to that my (kind of new) laptop decided to break and I had to bring it back for fixing.
But lets stop the moaning and get into the next part of my gift guide, giving you another idea for a culinary little something to hand to your hot drink lover. Because you have to admit it: Close to every person loves a nice hot chocolate in the winter. And I always look at these hot chocolate on a stick thingys in store, but can never get far enough buying them. Otherwise, why should I since I can easily make them myself?!?

Oh, and sorry for the poor lighting... time did seriously hate me. Again.

What we need (for about 8 - 10 portions): 30 g sugar / 150 g dark chocolate / 100 g cream (I used a vegan version, so my one was a tad thicker...) / 50 g icing sugar / wooden sticks

1. Put sugar into a sauce pan and wait for it to start caramelizing.
2. Add your spices and the cream and stir until it is a homogenous mixture. Allow infusion during the next 30 minutes.

3. Melt your chocolate...
4. Warm up your cream mixture (no bowling!) and add it to your chocolate. Stir well and let it cool for about 45 minutes.

5. Fill your mixture into a piping bag with a big hole (or, as I did: into a plastic bag with a cut off corner). Squeeze 8 - 10 balls out.
6. By using a fork roll them through the icing sugar until they are dusted and round.

7. Stick your wooden sticks into them...
8. Or when you do not have enough sticks and they are only for you: Use a fork! :)

After wrapping them up nicely you are ready to go anywhere with a little something for any chocolate lover... hope you apologize my delay and I am hopefully back on track for Friday