Friday, 21 December 2012

Roasted Apple Jam

Christmas Eve is quite close and I believe nearly everyone is sucked in by Christmas spirit (and maybe by stress, too). One of the reasons, why I love (and hate) Christmas is probably the food... who would have guessed, since I already posted two food related gift ideas. And today I have got... another one. I know. We should all go jogging after the holidays.
Nevertheless, one traditional food I connect with christmas are certainly roasted apples... I believe a German tradition. It's a baked apple stuffed with all kinds of nuts, raisins, marzipan and spices, depending on one's personal preferences, often combined with vanilla sauce. Sounds delicious, mhmm?
So even though you may did not have a roasted apple yet, how about a spicy, christmasy apple jam, filling your whole kitchen with awesome smells?

What we need: (for two jam jars)
2 apples
200 ml apple juice
80 g marzipan
2 Tbs honey
spices: cinnamon, vanilla

gelling agent and sweetener of choice: I used separate sugar and gelling agent on apple pectin basis, I prefer this method, so I was able to decide on the amount and kind of sugar... just look at your local store and decide for your preferences.

1. Peel, core and dice your apples.
2. Put them and your spices, apple juice, gelling agent and sweetener into a sauce pan.

3. Let it cook (as it is written down on the package) and remove from heat.
4. When you do not like apple dices as big as mine in your jam: Use a immersion blender to get a smoother paste.

5. Solve your marzipan by adding a bit of apple juice to it...
6. and by putting it into the microwave (and checking about every 30 seconds, because it does burn easily). Stir through it to see the grade of melt-down

7. Add your marzipan (tastes better than it looks when molten)...
8. and your honey to your apple mixture. You may want to leave it out when you cook for vegans and/or your mixture is a tad too sweet...

9. Fill it into sterilized jam jars.
10. Let it cool down while storing it on the jars' lids.

There you go... in case your jars have a lid as ugly as mine, you can easily cut out a fabric circle, slightly larger than the lid and fix it to your jar by using a rubber band...

I hope you all have stress-free and harmonic holidays with a house, smelling like one big roasted apple

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  1. It sounds so yummi :-)