Saturday, 26 January 2013

Inspiration: Magazine Envelopes

I don't know how about you, but I love getting mail. Even though mainly my health insurance decides to send me letters, every time I discover an envelope with my name on it I get pretty excited.
And even though I was always crappy with pen pals, right now I am sending letters back and forth with a good friend, I rarely see due to my move to another city. So every time I spot another envelope in my mail box, I feel happiness rushing through my veins (yeah, I know, sounds totally cliche and in love, but I am simply in love with getting something old-fashioned like a letter in these digitalized times).
Unfortunately this friend is totally talented and draws the most amazing little sketches on the sides of my letter, so. I always feel pretty crappy when sending away my reply. It's time to get back by at least having some amazing envelopes.

The whole project is pretty easy and goes by the following principle: Everytime you see amazingly shot beauty or fashion editorials in your magazines, but the whole magazine isn't worth being added to your collection, you simply turn these pages into beautiful envelopes. All you have to do afterwards is sending letters. Real, actual letters. How vintage and hipster.

What we need:
Old magazine pages with amazing prints, DinA 4

glue + scissors

1. Fold your pages twice, so you get the height of an envelope. You might want to use an actual envelope as orientation. Eventually cut along the closure, so its smaller.
2. Fold along the side you teared your page out of the magazine as an orientation. Cut the access off to get a neat side.
3. Fold along both sides, cut away the small part at the bottom and the top.
4. And there you got your lashes for glueing your envelope together, so you get a little pocket for your letter.

That's it. Easy as that. You will probably need more time to write the actual letter than for making your envelopes. When the whole print of the magazine pages gets all to crazy you can stick some plain paper where you want your address to be, so the poor mail man does not  have to search for it.

Now I shall return to my vocabulary cards, we got exam time at university and I am supposed to study a whole lot before I am able to pass next Thursday. Thank you for staying here, see you all soon

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