Friday, 11 January 2013

Looking backward / backward

As it is with the transition from one year to another, we tend to look backwards and some more daring do even set up new years resolution to kinda determine their actions in the next year. At least that is what the media is making me think since they are always packed with "review-" and "Best of 2012"-shows. And even though the year has already started since a few days ago, because university decided to get me back with all its stress, but also amazing people, I knew I still wanted to share my favorites of last year with you and maybe even do something like plans and projects ahead of me.

2012 was a pretty exciting year and also the first year I started of writing this blog, in the beginning with Michelle and later one alone after both of us went our ways heading towards being a fully grown adult. I finished school, lost a long term relationship, moved to another city, started uni, lost and found friendships, and, and, and... I am really happy that I started this project, even though this blog is in now way huge I still really like writing here every week and it is also one reason to keep me doing "creative" stuff. I have to admit, especially during the whole combination of university and christmas stress it wasn't always easy, but with having friday off I tried to have at least a few hours of the week solely for me in this periods. And thanks of the blog is was kind of productive in these time. Oh, and I learnt that really boring lectures can be quite amazing for inspirational brain storming. You didn't read that, mum.

But lets get started with all the stuff I gathered, even though I am pretty sure I forgot about half the things I wanted to show to you. And pleases ignore the terrible lighting, but winter in Hamburg and my camera are not the best friends.

I know, it is a huuuge pile, so I decided to divide it into different sections...

1. Clothing
1. Zara shirt from the sale in pullover print optic. Really loved it when I spotted the print in store, but it is pretty boxy and long, the latter was solved by cropping it. Looks amazing with high wasted stuff.
2. Light grey ruffle vest from the local markets. Just I nice something to throw over plain stuff.
3. Cheap Monday two color skinny jeans. Definitely one of the most worn pieces of the year. Got it in the sale for 30 Euro and love the idea of wearing "just a plain jeans" from the back or the front. Edgy but still easy to combine.
4. Grey military jacket. Got this one on a flea market and remember writing about it. But who would ignore the sparkly shoulder decor?
5. Vintage oversized button down. You also saw this bad boy several times this year, but even though the colors are normally totally not me I loved this one.
6. Plisse Zara Skirt. Normally I do not buy stuff at Zara that isn't reduced. But with loving the whole plisse idea I couldn't pass it up.
7. This hanger is a replacement for my Karl Lagerfeld blazer and skirt I dedicated a whole blog post to. But again: 20 something Euro for Vintage Karl Lagerfeld stuff? You gotta love ebay!

2. Accessoires (Not many surprises there)
1. Green children's Doc Martens. Even though I have a lot of different pairs, I love this one. I always wanted a pair of Docs, but it was pretty hard tracking down one that would fit me. They saved my toes from being smashed due to the fat French guy in front of me during a concert.
2. My favorite DIY project of this years was most certainly this pleather "plastic bag" I tend to wear folded as a clutch since I am quite paranoid about the handle breaking.
3. Turban beanie. Not the best material but the coolest beanie every!
4. Oldie but Goodie: Mondaine watch. Wore it nearly every day.
5. Greenish scarf knitted by mum. Thank you mum!
6. I believe you also saw this one, my Vintage flower ring made from a post-war silver coin. This was my grandmothers and I really love it for its story.
7. Vintage brooch, I loved brooches the whole year and this was my first and favorite. It had kinda a diamond shape and there is kinda a triangle. Hipster, eh?

3. Media
1. My Moleskine cookbook. As I already wrote: Food at home is always the best, so I made sure I took some of the recipes with me against home-sickness.
2. Couch magazine. A german magazine covering fashion and interior in a nice and modern way despite its cheap-ish cover design. Love all the DIY ideas in there.
3. Game of thrones. Any comment needed?
4. Iron Sky. 100 % Trash. Loved the idea of crowd-funding and I believe this is the perfect movie to watch with any male friend you got. 
Memories / Events:
1. The Brigitte shooting. Even though the images were never printed the whole day was an amazing experience and I am still really happy that I got the chance to be part of the project.
2. Hamburg. Overall. Until February I did not really know the city but I pretty much fell in love and did not regret a minute that I chose this city for my move. I was welcomed by great people and I am really looking forward for semester break, so I can discover many more places.
3. Rock am Ring 2012. I saw amazing bands and had amazing experience even though or maybe especially since I was emotionally upset.

This was 2012, the world did not end and therefore it is time to write some resolutions down. Or not. Resolutions tend to depress me, so I am only showing three sewing projects to you I am planning out. You rarely see them normally because I always think they are not too interesting for you, because many of the magazines are outdated or not internationally available, but cope with me for today?
1. I thrifted this fabric for a bargain price and I believe it is ideal for the pattern featured in an old burda: An original Chanel mini skirt featured in one of their specials with Karl Lagerfeld. Oh yeah.
2. Yellow pleat-front trousers. I don't know why I chose this fabric, but I kinda fell in love with it while walking through Ikea. And I love pleat-frond trousers. Don't ask me why.
3. A blazer made out of burgundy paisley velvet from the fabric store sale and black pleather. Totally hipster and Vintage looking, but why not... ?

That's it from me for this week, I promise more productivity when semester break starts, but right now I am kind of freaked out by the idea of writing my first exams for university. 
What are your resolutions and plans for 2013?

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