Saturday, 5 January 2013

Meow! Cat Sock DIY

You all probably sick reading about my mixed feelings about Urban Outfitters, but yeah, I did it again. I walked in there, saw something, fell in love, saw the price and decided to DIY it.
This time the project is connected to my love to cats, not that I did have one in my life yet, but for the past couple of years I have been dreaming about having one with me, so I can scare children of my front lawn as crazy cat ladies do. Just kidding. But since I am sharing a apartment and do not even know about the pet regulations in here, since it is out of question I had to find a replacement. And right now I am simply looking down at my newest project, that does not only provide me with warm feet, but also with a bit of purrfection^^


Thick socks
fabric in your eye color of choice, I suggest felt, because it is not likely to fray as my cotton fabric does, saves you work

fabric felt tip

yarn in the right color
thick thread in white (or a contrast color, depending on your sock's color)
sewing stuff
1. Cut out two identical eye shapes...
2. and in case you do use fabric that frays, line it with a zig-zag stitch
3. Use your fabric pen to draw the cat's characteristic pupil.
4. Get into your sock to decide on the right places for the eyes, pin them to the sock (be careful!)
5. Hand sew the eyes to your socks...
6. Go and stitch all the details as mouth, nose and whiskers to your sock. You maybe do want to add ears, but since I suck at hand sewing this was already enough to get my swearing... 

And now you got your very own cat, that does not anger any landlord or decides to leave any cat hair on black fabric. Okay, I have to admit: She does not "Meow" and purring is a rarely heard activity of your new pet, but look at these eyes!

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