Friday, 18 January 2013

This point

Sometimes people ask me, wether I ever considered doing something with fashion. Especially fashion design sounded quite interesting at some points of my past. But I always said no to this kind of study. And right now I know why.

Nearly a year ago Michelle and me posted for the first time on this page. We wanted to create a lifestyle blog evolving around all the things we love. It was supposed to be a platform about food, places, people, music, fashion... and DIY. By reflecting the movement over the time we got somehow into some kind of competition of trying to make the better, more creative tutorial every week. And by trying to post every week (not the worst idea when you try to interest people) it got quite stressful. Too stressful? End of June Michelle decided to leave our project behind, not only due to stress but also because we both went different ways after leaving school and had barely any contact, but here.
It could have been the time for a big cut, but it wasn't. I kept up my personal pace of posting at least once a week and in about 80% of the cases it was a DIY project. I even felt bad, when I posted something not too exciting. And I loved and love it. This blog keeps me making stuff instead of lounging or ignoring my sewing machine.
But right now, I have got the feeling, I need some rest.

As you all probably read between the lines or in my quite obvious sentences, I moved out. And with a lot of freedom comes a lot of responsibility. In addition to that I obviously decided on going to university for history and islamic studies, so I actually wanted to do something for it (I never studied freely, but did everything in night shifts). Especially learning a new language at uni, and we have to learn modern Arabic, is never easy and I am most certainly not the most talented person when it comes to remembering vocab. This means,  I have to sit down for about 10 to 15 hours per week. Apart from being at uni. No moaning here, I am really happy with the choice I made and love my subjects, but it needs time and work. 
On Fridays I have no uni and since Friday is my usual day of posting, I decided to make this my free day for creating new posts. And let's just say, the last few hours before posting something on Friday evening are quite hectic. Luckily there are only three exams I have to attend, but still: Right now I am stressed out. On Friday I want to stay in bed all day. I tend to fail at sewing. At least when I have an idea what to do.

I have come to the realization, that decision I made about studying fashion was most certainly right: My creation process hardly works under pressure. Or at least only until a certain point is reached. And I reached mine. 

So why am I telling all this? Will this be the end of mirari? 
Just to answer the second question: A certain NO from my side. Mirari is a space where I can create and write about stuff I love. But I do not want to put that much pressure on me anymore. I want to simply post an outfit I wore without feeling bad. Or write about a nice walk I made. Or simply share some love for certain things with you. This will not mean, that there are no more DIY tutorial, as long as I love DIY they will have a space at this page, no, it will mean a journey "Back to the roots". Back from freaking out about how I am supposed to use the few hours of daylight at a Friday to think about and create a whole new project. 

Mirari will go on. And it will filled with DIY. But also with the small stuff, that makes one happy. 
Thank you all for reading my blog. Hopefully I will see you all soon!

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