Friday, 22 February 2013

Camera Strap Revamping + Updates!

I have a new roommate. But no, I did not swap my science liking old roomy for someone new, but I simply added a new baby to my electronics family. Until these days I was struggling with my old digital camera, a small number I bought in 2009 and which was not up to date. Especially dimmed light wasn't its best friend and after seeing my pictures from China in 2011 I decided: For my next trip I actually do want a good, expensive digital reflex camera. As you can see: It needed its time, but due to the fact, that I am able to visit India in March, I made my final move. So, say hello, to my new baby!

It's a Nikon D3200 with the Nikkor 50 mm 1.8 G and a 18-105 mm objective!
Until now no pro came from heaven and right now I am trying myself out, so not every picture looks 100 %, but I am actually pretty impressed how beginner friendly it is. The only thing I really did not like was the camera strap, it screamed "Revamp" me to me with its bold yellow letters. And as is is with children: Their wishes should be our command! :)

What we need:
Leftover fabric// your camera strap// leather needle// sewing stuff// Optional: measuring tape

1. Use your camera strap to measure how much folded fabric you will need, mark where you want to sew along. You maybe want to add some additional Millimeters, so it will slip on easily later on.
2. Sew along this line
3. Turn your inside and right side out.

4. Use a safety pin as a little helper for pulling your camera strap through your created tunnel...
5. Pull it through the tunnel.
6. Push the open ends inside and fix your work with a few stitches, use a leather needle, because it will get pretty thick. 

Now you simply have to reattach your camera strap to your camera/baby and everyone will love your camera strap... no need to mention, it needs about 10 minutes!
Have a photogenic weekend ;)

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Naan - Indian bread

While you are reading this, I probably ate this typical Indian bread with nearly every meal for the past days. Naan does not only complete Indian meals but does also acts as cutlery.At least that's what I read, we will see.
So while I am far, far away I thought, that sharing at least something of the experience would be nice, especially since I have no real possibility to actually write blog posts during my trip, because typing on a ipod is no real fun.
I have to admit that I got this beautiful recipe from a page called "Kleiner Kuriositätenladen", a beautiful German page dedicated to amazing food and written by a woman called Steph, who is also from Hamburg.

Originally naan is baked in a special oven or in a pan, but I will do it in my normal oven at home, you are welcome to try the "real" version :)

What we need ( for 3 breads):
First two pictures got mixed up...
1. Solve the dry yeast in 125 ml warm water and set it aside.
2. Meanwhile mix all the dry ingredients.
3. Mix ALL ingredients together.

4. Knead everything until you get a nice and firm dough.
5. Cover your bowl with a towel and put the dough aside at a nice and warm place for about 3 hours
6.... until it looks somehow like this...

7. Divide your dough into three little dough balls and let them sit for another 10 minutes...
8. During the wait you can already preheat your oven. As you can see, you can't see anything on our oven thingy, but you have the option to either use the bottom heat or about 150 ° C. Place your baking plate on the ground of your oven, so it heats up.
9. Form your breads from the dough, they should be flat and somehow oval.
Bake them for 5 minutes each side and flip them once after the first time interval is over...

You can eat them as side for some curry or simply with a nice bread spread, because yes, they even taste amazing without Indian food to go with them.
See you all soon

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentine's Day: Scrub it away!

There are people hating this day and there are people loving it: Valentines Day.
As I wrote about annual events, hating them because of the consume industry and the whole rigmarole is rightful, but I prefer to DIY myself stuff to avoid the negative aspects. And I follow an idea, that you hear quite often in this context concerning singles: Why not doing something good for yourself or with your friends...?
I believe there is nothing better than pampering days with a nice little swim in your bathtub, many candles, face masks and ... uhm.. food.
So just in case you did not plan anything yet, here is a little body scrub to forget the whole stress and whatever moves you on Valentine's Day.

Easy peasy (refreshing) scrub
The nice thing about self made body scrubs is that you need barely nothing, you simply mix either salt or sugar (make sure it is the finer one) with an oil of choice (coconut, olive, etc.). For a refreshing touch you could add some lemon cest or when you want an even more comforting touch add some honey to the mixture. Scrubbing time!

That's it from the spa side. Just in case you need some comfort food and not just soft skin, I recently tried Korean sugar pancakes... they are pretty amazing. And addicting. Just klick here for pancakes :)

Hopefully you all have an amazing day with a reasonable consume of chocolate, see you all soon

Sunday, 10 February 2013

To the Beach, to the Beach!

Yesterday morning a friend of me was annoyed by his new roommate. And during a 15 minute chat we spontaneously decided to drive north for the sea.

I do not even remember the last time I was at a German beach, I believe it was when I was really young and we were going to Sylt. So driving up there to the sea and seeing, well trying to see it seemed like a perfect idea. Well, I have to admit we should have looked up the times of the tide and the way to the sea (one should think you can barely miss it... but it's quite possible) and I should have brought warmer gloves. But all in all the whole spontaneity and the feeling of wading through mud without caring is quite amazing and unique...

Yes, as you can see we did not see the sea, but a sign telling us that it was probably 5 km ahead of us thanks to the tide. Well, at least we saw some water, and a welly on a stick. Oh yeah.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

(Kinda) Quick Tip: Buy your calender now!

It's probably kinda poor to post this, but as I said: My blog ;). I have to convince myself from time to time, still stressing kinda out.
So with the end of exams (It seems like I passed, yayy) a friend and I decided to go shopping including senseless money-spending and so on. Another (male) friend stated, that is pretty stereotypical, but it was heaps of fun. Even though I did not fulfill my aim: Buying any clothes. Because: Dear h&m, why are your basics either to tight or all baggy and stuff. And I wasn't too impressed by Zara. I know, many blogger love Zara right now, but it all looked too "In", we decided that the designer are pretty much trying too hard. I do not want to wear a blogger-uniform.
Nevertheless I made my personal buy of the (young) month. My love is actually that big, I hat to dedicate a blogpost to this baby. All December and January I have been eyeing Moleskine Agenda calendars, always deciding that they are too expensive to buy. Luckily during the last week all bookshops started to reduce their calendar. Even though in quite a lot of them my preferred model was already sold out during the last days, I was pretty lucky. I never thought about getting this model, but look at it! It's pure love.

To complete my amazing haul, my other buys were a lint roller and some flowers. Yes, I know. Pretty amazing.

Yes, that was actually my tiny, tiny post. My life is full of glamour and stuff.
And just admit it: Would you buy a calendar when it's reduced. because come on, Moleskine is totally "cool", but also pretty overpriced. Maybe I am kinda strange, but right now I feel like a proud bargain-hunting-lady. See you all soon

Friday, 1 February 2013


I decided, it's about time to update you on some of my favorites. Especially since I neglected this category for the past two months and I also just finished my last exam and wasn't able to do anything yet. But hey, I survived my first semester at university. And most probably I did not even fail my Arabic exam, so "yay" for me.
The following few favorites are mostly dedicated to comfort, because during study good food and comfy clothes are quite enjoyable. And I am pretty sorry for mentioning two food products, that are mostly available in Germany, but I believe you can find something similar in the food section of stores with a good food selection.

 1.TEA! When you ask my mum about my drinking habits, she will assure you, that I never liked to drink a lot. Forcing me into drinking about a liter a day was nearly impossible and therefore this is probably the biggest change ever. It is obviously a development over the pst months, but especially during exam time I drank about 2 to 3 liters of tea everyday. And I loved it :)
2. Alnatura vegetarian bread spread with pumpkin and the one with chickpea + ginger Simply delicious. Try them. As soon as possible. They are addictive.
3. H&M basic Sweatshirt The clothing item of the past month, I always loved the look of grey sweat material, but never got to buy an item made of it. When H&M reduced their sweatshirts to 4,95€ I had to get this one and loved the possibilities of styling it. It is that plain and "sporty" that it goes perfectly with more dressy pieces, so they became totally university worthy. Somehow at least.
4. Silver hammered bracelet When you read my past blogposts you will probably know, that I love my handed-down silver jewelry. My grandmother was simply kind enough to give this beautiful piece to me for christmas.
5. Linocut tools We had to work with linocut in school and even though we probably all earned some scars in the process of cutting, I loved it. So lately I started wondering wether I would be able to print fabric with this technique, so I had to buy some linocut tools via ebay. And since they just arrived today, I had to include them even though I did not do anything yet. But I most likely will pretty soon.

This was my january, as I always this is just a small part of all the things I liked and also as always, during writing this post I remembered about 3 things I also wanted to show. Oh well. Let's see, if they make it into my feburary favorites.

Have a nice, relaxing weekend (no more exams, wuhuuuu)