Friday, 22 February 2013

Camera Strap Revamping + Updates!

I have a new roommate. But no, I did not swap my science liking old roomy for someone new, but I simply added a new baby to my electronics family. Until these days I was struggling with my old digital camera, a small number I bought in 2009 and which was not up to date. Especially dimmed light wasn't its best friend and after seeing my pictures from China in 2011 I decided: For my next trip I actually do want a good, expensive digital reflex camera. As you can see: It needed its time, but due to the fact, that I am able to visit India in March, I made my final move. So, say hello, to my new baby!

It's a Nikon D3200 with the Nikkor 50 mm 1.8 G and a 18-105 mm objective!
Until now no pro came from heaven and right now I am trying myself out, so not every picture looks 100 %, but I am actually pretty impressed how beginner friendly it is. The only thing I really did not like was the camera strap, it screamed "Revamp" me to me with its bold yellow letters. And as is is with children: Their wishes should be our command! :)

What we need:
Leftover fabric// your camera strap// leather needle// sewing stuff// Optional: measuring tape

1. Use your camera strap to measure how much folded fabric you will need, mark where you want to sew along. You maybe want to add some additional Millimeters, so it will slip on easily later on.
2. Sew along this line
3. Turn your inside and right side out.

4. Use a safety pin as a little helper for pulling your camera strap through your created tunnel...
5. Pull it through the tunnel.
6. Push the open ends inside and fix your work with a few stitches, use a leather needle, because it will get pretty thick. 

Now you simply have to reattach your camera strap to your camera/baby and everyone will love your camera strap... no need to mention, it needs about 10 minutes!
Have a photogenic weekend ;)

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