Friday, 1 February 2013


I decided, it's about time to update you on some of my favorites. Especially since I neglected this category for the past two months and I also just finished my last exam and wasn't able to do anything yet. But hey, I survived my first semester at university. And most probably I did not even fail my Arabic exam, so "yay" for me.
The following few favorites are mostly dedicated to comfort, because during study good food and comfy clothes are quite enjoyable. And I am pretty sorry for mentioning two food products, that are mostly available in Germany, but I believe you can find something similar in the food section of stores with a good food selection.

 1.TEA! When you ask my mum about my drinking habits, she will assure you, that I never liked to drink a lot. Forcing me into drinking about a liter a day was nearly impossible and therefore this is probably the biggest change ever. It is obviously a development over the pst months, but especially during exam time I drank about 2 to 3 liters of tea everyday. And I loved it :)
2. Alnatura vegetarian bread spread with pumpkin and the one with chickpea + ginger Simply delicious. Try them. As soon as possible. They are addictive.
3. H&M basic Sweatshirt The clothing item of the past month, I always loved the look of grey sweat material, but never got to buy an item made of it. When H&M reduced their sweatshirts to 4,95€ I had to get this one and loved the possibilities of styling it. It is that plain and "sporty" that it goes perfectly with more dressy pieces, so they became totally university worthy. Somehow at least.
4. Silver hammered bracelet When you read my past blogposts you will probably know, that I love my handed-down silver jewelry. My grandmother was simply kind enough to give this beautiful piece to me for christmas.
5. Linocut tools We had to work with linocut in school and even though we probably all earned some scars in the process of cutting, I loved it. So lately I started wondering wether I would be able to print fabric with this technique, so I had to buy some linocut tools via ebay. And since they just arrived today, I had to include them even though I did not do anything yet. But I most likely will pretty soon.

This was my january, as I always this is just a small part of all the things I liked and also as always, during writing this post I remembered about 3 things I also wanted to show. Oh well. Let's see, if they make it into my feburary favorites.

Have a nice, relaxing weekend (no more exams, wuhuuuu)


  1. i printed an owl girl on several skirts and a dress with linocut technique, it went well! you just have to paint the linocut with a brush, otherwise it didn't work for me. and not every fabric paint worked....however i loved doing it :)

    1. Thank you for the information, I will keep that in mind and should probably do some test prints. But with these tips it shouldn't go wrong :)