Wednesday, 6 February 2013

(Kinda) Quick Tip: Buy your calender now!

It's probably kinda poor to post this, but as I said: My blog ;). I have to convince myself from time to time, still stressing kinda out.
So with the end of exams (It seems like I passed, yayy) a friend and I decided to go shopping including senseless money-spending and so on. Another (male) friend stated, that is pretty stereotypical, but it was heaps of fun. Even though I did not fulfill my aim: Buying any clothes. Because: Dear h&m, why are your basics either to tight or all baggy and stuff. And I wasn't too impressed by Zara. I know, many blogger love Zara right now, but it all looked too "In", we decided that the designer are pretty much trying too hard. I do not want to wear a blogger-uniform.
Nevertheless I made my personal buy of the (young) month. My love is actually that big, I hat to dedicate a blogpost to this baby. All December and January I have been eyeing Moleskine Agenda calendars, always deciding that they are too expensive to buy. Luckily during the last week all bookshops started to reduce their calendar. Even though in quite a lot of them my preferred model was already sold out during the last days, I was pretty lucky. I never thought about getting this model, but look at it! It's pure love.

To complete my amazing haul, my other buys were a lint roller and some flowers. Yes, I know. Pretty amazing.

Yes, that was actually my tiny, tiny post. My life is full of glamour and stuff.
And just admit it: Would you buy a calendar when it's reduced. because come on, Moleskine is totally "cool", but also pretty overpriced. Maybe I am kinda strange, but right now I feel like a proud bargain-hunting-lady. See you all soon

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