Thursday, 21 February 2013

Naan - Indian bread

While you are reading this, I probably ate this typical Indian bread with nearly every meal for the past days. Naan does not only complete Indian meals but does also acts as cutlery.At least that's what I read, we will see.
So while I am far, far away I thought, that sharing at least something of the experience would be nice, especially since I have no real possibility to actually write blog posts during my trip, because typing on a ipod is no real fun.
I have to admit that I got this beautiful recipe from a page called "Kleiner Kuriositätenladen", a beautiful German page dedicated to amazing food and written by a woman called Steph, who is also from Hamburg.

Originally naan is baked in a special oven or in a pan, but I will do it in my normal oven at home, you are welcome to try the "real" version :)

What we need ( for 3 breads):
First two pictures got mixed up...
1. Solve the dry yeast in 125 ml warm water and set it aside.
2. Meanwhile mix all the dry ingredients.
3. Mix ALL ingredients together.

4. Knead everything until you get a nice and firm dough.
5. Cover your bowl with a towel and put the dough aside at a nice and warm place for about 3 hours
6.... until it looks somehow like this...

7. Divide your dough into three little dough balls and let them sit for another 10 minutes...
8. During the wait you can already preheat your oven. As you can see, you can't see anything on our oven thingy, but you have the option to either use the bottom heat or about 150 ° C. Place your baking plate on the ground of your oven, so it heats up.
9. Form your breads from the dough, they should be flat and somehow oval.
Bake them for 5 minutes each side and flip them once after the first time interval is over...

You can eat them as side for some curry or simply with a nice bread spread, because yes, they even taste amazing without Indian food to go with them.
See you all soon

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