Sunday, 10 February 2013

To the Beach, to the Beach!

Yesterday morning a friend of me was annoyed by his new roommate. And during a 15 minute chat we spontaneously decided to drive north for the sea.

I do not even remember the last time I was at a German beach, I believe it was when I was really young and we were going to Sylt. So driving up there to the sea and seeing, well trying to see it seemed like a perfect idea. Well, I have to admit we should have looked up the times of the tide and the way to the sea (one should think you can barely miss it... but it's quite possible) and I should have brought warmer gloves. But all in all the whole spontaneity and the feeling of wading through mud without caring is quite amazing and unique...

Yes, as you can see we did not see the sea, but a sign telling us that it was probably 5 km ahead of us thanks to the tide. Well, at least we saw some water, and a welly on a stick. Oh yeah.

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