Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentine's Day: Scrub it away!

There are people hating this day and there are people loving it: Valentines Day.
As I wrote about annual events, hating them because of the consume industry and the whole rigmarole is rightful, but I prefer to DIY myself stuff to avoid the negative aspects. And I follow an idea, that you hear quite often in this context concerning singles: Why not doing something good for yourself or with your friends...?
I believe there is nothing better than pampering days with a nice little swim in your bathtub, many candles, face masks and ... uhm.. food.
So just in case you did not plan anything yet, here is a little body scrub to forget the whole stress and whatever moves you on Valentine's Day.

Easy peasy (refreshing) scrub
The nice thing about self made body scrubs is that you need barely nothing, you simply mix either salt or sugar (make sure it is the finer one) with an oil of choice (coconut, olive, etc.). For a refreshing touch you could add some lemon cest or when you want an even more comforting touch add some honey to the mixture. Scrubbing time!

That's it from the spa side. Just in case you need some comfort food and not just soft skin, I recently tried Korean sugar pancakes... they are pretty amazing. And addicting. Just klick here for pancakes :)

Hopefully you all have an amazing day with a reasonable consume of chocolate, see you all soon

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