Sunday, 3 March 2013

Enjoying freedom!

Hello my dear, beloved readers.
Note the over-enthusiams (when you didn't... read again :)). But who wouldn't be overly happy: I spent an entertaining weekend with my amazing friends and went skiing for a week (even though my legs are heavily bruised). And right now I am completely above the clouds in my mind.. and nearly physically: my plane for India departs in about 6 hours...
To put it in a nutshell: I didn't do anything huge for the past days, but at least I got some images for you all. So enjoy it...

The apartment my parents and friends rented for the week (where the fortunately had a spare bed for me) was not only located next to the ski-lift but did also have amazing view and a huge sun terrace.

A shot from our window.
After-skiing-sun terrace-chilling
Ice, ice baby!
One of my personal favorites was a visit of the "Breitach Klamm", a gorge just at the entrance of "Kleinwalsertal" in Austria. Every Tuesday and Friday during winter visitors are able to walk trough beautiful, ice-covered nature during night-time with a torch... Pictures cannot do justice.

And last but not least, a favorite of mine... even though I have to admit it is mainly due to it's German name, snow caterpillar... a snow groomer

 Well, that was my week filled with skiing and bruising. I did not take any pictures during actual skiing, because I forgot my old camera at home and did not want to bring my new one up the mountain. Nevertheless I hope you got a little peak on my activities during the last week.
Hopefully I will be able to post my prepared post somewhen during my India trip, read from you all to soon

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