Friday, 5 April 2013

March favorites and all that jazz.

Right now I am 100 % back in Germany. Last week I was still struggling getting back into my everyday routine of studying, cooking and living, but with uni coming back on this week, I HAD to be back. It's surprising how stressful just for days of uni can be, otherwise it felt great seeing all the people and my weekend is filled with catching-up events (and trying to remember all the vocab from last term).
So today I thought I would give you some overview of my favorites during these few days back in my "normal" life, since you pretty much saw all my "Indian favorites" in my Bag-post. I know, it's not a lot, but it covers pretty much the last 2 weeks of being here again. And someday (after sourcing through all my 2000 India pictures I will actually post another India related post, no matter wether you want or not :))

1. Dark green Cheap Monday jeans Up to now most of you will probably know about my obsession with the jeans of this brand, so it was a must to add another pair to my collection after seeing this baby in the midseason sales. And I always dreamed about dark green skinnies.
2. Silver statement necklace Jopp, another addition to another field of addiction, this subtle statement necklace (sounds strange, I know, but this about it) was found at a local flea market and it has my love right now. I can't wait to be finally able to leave the house without a scarf hiding every necklace I wear.
3. Plant seeds I  never had a green thumb, but strangely I wanted to try growing my own salad and edible flowers this spring, so far I can say my plants do actually still live.
4. Sun glasses Since I was kinda a late one with transferring the money to my uni, I had to rely on my bike instead of the bus the past week. But cruising through the city with sunglasses is a instant boost for your will to ride a bike.
5. Urea lip balm from Balea After a long flight your skin is always really dry and especially this product helped a lot to fight the dryness. Plus it is in a tube, so you can actually still use it after having a cold, since no bacteria can come inside.
6. Good coffee The north of India is like a desert to coffee lovers and therefore I've been drinking coffee non-stop after returning.

And another favorite was the whole action around "Post aus meiner Küche" (mail from my kitchen), a website where three lovely girls do initiate food swaps with home-made goods concerning one certain topic every few months. This months it was all about childhood memories and I decided to take part for the first time. I drew lots for the lovely Eva and she gifted me that generously that I felt really, really bad for my really small package, but I was actually struggling with finding actual meals from my childhood. One thing I do remember about food in my childhood has to be, that I liked nearly nothing, I was a picky child hating a lot of the things, I nowadays love: Tomatoes, french fries (really early), vegetables (in general), pineapple, salad, mushrooms, and, and, and. Still, I've got the images from the swap, just see and enjoy.
My package; Eva's package

So when you German readers are interested in the action, just head over to Post aus meiner Küche and wait for the next round.
That's it from me, I have to get to uni and learn something about History in the virtual world and about the History of the Middle East. Oh joy!

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