Sunday, 14 April 2013

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Last week I learnt a lot about the love for my Macbook. I never really mentioned it on here, but I've gotten myself into the whole apple-lover-clan last November with a beautiful Macbook Air. The reason for never mentioning it was probably due to my attempt of not being totally in-your-face. Well, too late, but phew. But back to business. The whole I was totally "meh" when it came to writing, every time I attempted creating some post or write something for uni, I couldn't be bothered thanks to the differences between my old and new laptop. And I had to use my old one, because my other had to be fixed. So even though this intro has got nothing to do with my actual post, right now I am just too happy to NOT mention the return of my beloved one.

It kinda has something to do with it. Mainly because I wanted to post this actually somewhen closer to last weekend, oh well.
As far as most of you probably know, my style is a mixture of my Mum's wardrobe (pieces from the mid 70s to the early 90s) , store bought goods, self-made garments and items from markets and little thrift stores, label me however you want. And even though it sometimes itches me to do differently, I always try to avoid spending too much money on clothing, because, to be honest, my wardrobe is packed. But what to do with the clothing you do not want anymore? You could throw them away (uh, no, I spent money on them after all), sell them (time consuming or no one finds you since all the websites are packed with young girls selling stuff) or just keep them hidden between your favorites. I chose the latter for a long time, but finally last Sunday I was motivated to pile up all the old stuff. And why? It was time to go clothes swapping at RauschRock TauschWert!

The concept was pretty easy, everyone was supposed to bring something between one piece and 20 pieces and an Euro for entrance. Once you entered the room, you could find several piles with certain topics, where all the different clothing types were collected. And the search started!

Another highlight of the event was certainly the area surrounding the venue. Since I am still pretty new to Hamburg I am not that familiar with every spot and without this event I am not too sure, wether I would have been able to spot the atmospheric Gängeviertel.

So when you are interested in also swapping your clothes and a private swap party does not sound too appealing to you, I got a link for all Germans, the blog Klamottentausch, for all the others: Just google your area, and I'm pretty sure, something will come up.

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