Who the heck is...?

mirari (lat. to be admired, to be wondered at)

I believe the name explains itself. By chosing it we (at that moment Michelle was with me) wanted to show that this blog is supposed to consist of everything we like even though there are quite a lot of DIY projects. Unfortunatly we could not only chose the name by its own because "Mirari" is also a "Magic : The Gathering" card ( a quite cool card game... cooler than Yu-Gi-Oh! and stuff... yes, there is a freak in me) so we chose the second word of our slogan "Whatever pleases" as second part of the domain.
Short: mirari is a lifestyle blog from me to you!

"I'm a huge miser. Not joking. My wardrobe is filled to the top and therefore I always try to stay under 10 Euros everytime I go shopping. Bad thing about it: I'm can be easily found on any flea market or in thrift stores, where I find enough bargains to destroy all my efforts towards a relieved cupboard. 
So in my outfit posts you will find just some things that are available in the stores, most of them are from earlier collections and the former owners already decided to get rid of the stuff. Despite the fact that I take trends as an inspiration (and I am addicted to fashion magazines), I am not really fixed on them.
In addition to all that I love sewing, I am probably not the best in it because I learned most of it by myself or by annoying my mother, but still, sitting there and creating my pieces I always wanted is a great satisfaction for me. "

This "tiny" quote was taken from our very first post "How to start" and I believe it describes the way my wardrobe fills up quite well. In addition to that I decided to give any other information in a little table...^^

Age: 19
Residence: Cologne (moving to Hamburg in September)
Occupation: just finished school, planning to study "History" + "Islamic studies" in order to become a journalist

Spinnach + Mushrooms, Cookies, Vivienne Westwood, "TASCHEN" books, Rebecca Gable, Queen, Black Sabbath, Queens of a Stoneage, Rammstein, grunge, everything with black/white graphic patterns, "Momo", the sea, whales, sharks, hats, flea markets + thrifting, youtube, good fashion magazines (Cut, Fräulein), DIY / fashion bloggers)

Camenbert, Salami, more than three snowy days in a row, broken sewing machines, oregano, real fur

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